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Chicken Dipper x 2

Mini Sausage Roll

Cocktail Sausages x 2

Ham Sandwich ¼

Cheese Spread Sandwich ¼

Jam sandwich ¼

Carrot batons

Sliced grapes

Potato Hoop Crisps

Pink & White Marshmallow

Party Rings x 2

Unlimited Squash/Water


£90 for up to 30 guests                          


OPTION TWO (Pork free)


Lunch Kebab x 2 (½ grape, cheese cube, cucumber, chicken slice, cucumber, ½ grape).

Carrot batons

Chicken Dippers x 2

Potato Hoop Crisps

Fromage Frais

Unlimited Squash/Water





£90 for up to 30 guests


Do you want a totally stress-free party? Let our professional caterers provide the food so you can enjoy the entertainment!

All food is individually plated at the venue for hygiene reasons to stop cross contamination – please allow room for the caterers to do their job. Both options can be adjusted to cater for Special Dietary needs.


Additional guests (more than 30) @ £2 per head


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